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A Phone Number Trace Service - Why Should You Join One?

By: Chad Melius

It's almost impossible to do a phone number trace for free. If you're not already convinced of that, there's an excellent article on this very subject at Ezine Articles. ( I know it's good, because I wrote it myself ! )

This is really the best reason to join a reverse telephone lookup service. It's not free, but let's face it - they have to pay to get the information - so why shouldn't you? And the fee is reasonable, when you stop to consider the alternative -- not finding out who that number belongs to at all !

So why would you want to do a reverse phone lookup anyway?

  1. The most common reason: someone called you when you weren't available, and you don't recognize the number. If you look up the number using a tracing service, you can decide whether or not to return their call.

  2. If you're getting harassing phone calls from a prankster or a stalker, you can discover where they're calling from, so you can take action to stop them.

  3. If there's a number you don't recognize on your phone bill, you can refresh your memory as to who you were talking to. Or if another family member made the call, you can find out who they were talking with.

  4. You arranged to meet someone, but forgot to write down the address. Doing a reverse telephone lookup can save you the embarassment of having to call them back and admit your mistake.

  5. If a call comes from a strange area code, you can easily check to see if returning the call will cost you heavy long distance charges.

  6. Tracing a number is so easy. All you have to do is enter the phone number into the form provided. That's all - nothing else to fill out.

So with all these reasons to do it, why not sign up with a reverse number lookup service, so you can do a trace the simple way? If you haven't decided, why not trace your first number right now, using the convenient form at the top of the page?


To see what a phone number trace service can do for you, watch the short video below. I know it's old - the company that made it now has a new name - but it's the best one I've found that clearly shows why you need a reverse phone lookup service, and what it does.

Why not trace a phone number right now?

( It's a free demonstration - no obligation! )

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Find Out More About Telephone Area Codes

Maybe you got a call from a certain number you don't recognize, and you just want to find out where it came from. There are 271 area codes in the United States. Use the area code finder below to learn more about any one of them. Here's what you'll find:

  • Cities having that area code.

  • Carriers serving that area code.

  • Other area codes in the same state.

Maybe an area code map would be useful. After you use the area code finder above, visit our states pages. There is a state area code map on every state page.

Often, finding the location of the area code doesn't help much, since most of them cover quite a large area - some even a whole state! However, often you can use the "prefix" ( digits 4, 5, and 6 in 123-456-7890 ) to find the city in which your telephone number is located. Try the form below:
The Directory
Find the location of any prefix in any area code

Another interesting webpage, at Wikipedia, has a descriptive list of North American Numbering Plan telephone area codes, all on one webpage. It gives a short description of the state and region covered by each area code, and some information on its history. The page also has tables showing all the telephone area codes for each state, province, and Caribbean island.

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