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Indiana State Flag

Useful Information About Indiana Area Codes

By: Chad Melius

Indiana area code map
IN area code map by Prof611

Here's some more info about each of the area codes in Indiana. It might help you to learn more about the phone number you're trying to trace. Find out:

  • Cities having the area code.
  • Carriers that serve the area code.

Area Code:   

If you want even more information, Wikipedia has a webpage for every area code in Indiana.

Area Code:   

Indiana Mini Almanac
Item Value Rank
Area 36K sq mi  38th 
Length 270 mi   
Width 140 mi   
Highest Elevation 1257 ft - Franklin Township  44th 
Lowest Elevation 320 ft - Ohio River  35th1 
Highest Temp Ever 116 °F on July 14 1936   
Highest Mon Avg Temp 89 °F  21st 
Lowest Mon Avg Temp 16 °F  21st 
Lowest Temp Ever -36 °F on January 19 1994   
Population 6.1M  14th 
Population Density 170 /sq mi  16th 
Capital Indianapolis - 792K   
Largest City Indianapolis - 792K   
Nickname Hoosier State   
State Bird Cardinal   
State Flower Peony   
State Tree Yellow Poplar   
VIPs Leon Ames 
  Anne Baxter 
  Larry Bird 
  Bill Blass 
  Hoagy Carmichael 
  James Dean 
  Theodore Dreiser 
  Virgil Grissom 
  Phil Harris 
  Jimmy Hoffa 
  Michael Jackson 
  David Letterman 
  Eli Lilly 
  Carole Lombard 
  Shelley Long 
  Marjorie Main 
  John Cougar Mellencamp 
  Cole Porter 
  Ernie Pyle 
  Dan Quayle 
  James Whitcomb Riley 
  Ned Rorem 
  Red Skelton 
  Rex Stout 
  Booth Tarkington 
  Forrest Tucker 
  Kurt Vonnegut 
  Jessamyn West 
  Wendell Willkie 
  Wilbur Wright   


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